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BodyTalk is a safe and effective health modality that restores the body's healing capacity. It has profoundly affected lives all over the world since its start in the mid-90s. BodyTalk is based on the understanding that your body is designed to heal itself, just as we've all experienced when we've had a minor cut.

Stress, lifestyle, environmental factors and emotional issues can cause a breakdown in communication within the body-mind. When our cells, tissues, organs and various body parts are not fully balanced and communicating with each other, we experience disease or what we call symptoms.

Using your inner organizing intelligence and a simple biofeedback technique, BodyTalk restores this vital communication between various parts in your body and mind. It does so by finding priority issues via muscle-testing, highlights the imbalances to your brain and nervous system and thus activates a restorative and balancing process uniquely tailored to your needs.